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Will You Sponsor Me?

Meet our medical fosters! A medical foster means these guys need extra special love and care. We love rescuing dogs that require medical attention, but we need your help in order to continue to do so. 

Meet Our Medical Fosters

Sponsor Norma Jean!


My name is Norma Jean and I am a 7-year-old Bloodhound. Before I was surrendered to a shelter for euthanasia, I lived my life chained to a dog house. My eyes, skin, and overall care had been completely neglected. I have been treated for skin and ear infections, I have had three eye surgeries, I had a benign tumor removed, I had a dental, and I was spayed. My vet bills cost over $1,000.

Sponsor Cookie!


I am one tough Cookie! No, literally. My name is Cookie and I am an irresistibly sweet Pomeranian mix. At only 3-years-young, my foster mom calls me a “hot mess.”  I am heartworm positive and have chronic bronchitis. After my heartworm treatment, I  will need cherry eye surgery and a spay. My medical bills are estimated to cost over $1,400!

Sponsor Reba!


My name is Reba just like the redheaded country singer! I came all the way from North Carolina to be saved from euthanasia. Prior to rescue, life was ruff. Not only did I spend my entire life outside, I gave birth to stillborn puppies, I was anemic with mange, and I am heartworm positive. My heartworm treatment is estimated to cost $1000.

Sponsor Tux!


Tuxedo is my name, but you can call me Tux. I was rescued after someone made an urgent facebook post about a puppy who was found with a broken jaw. That was me! My jaw was snapped down and I had to live with 10 hairline fractures and 2 broken lower mandibles for OVER A MONTH before I was rescued. My surgery was complex and required a specialist which means my vet bill was especially high. My rescue needs to raise $4,570 to cover the cost of my broken jaw surgery.

Sponsor Red!


The name is Ol' Red and I am a BIG English Coonhound. I am about 9-years-old. I was rescued from a rural shelter. After seeing a specialist for my high calcium levels and excessive urination and thirst, I was diagnosed with primary hyperthyroidism. The good news is that I AM CURED and healthy as a horse. But, the cost of my surgery was $2,200! We still need some help paying it off.